Why I Pet A Snake

By Angel Apurillo

"Never wound a snake, kill it!"

 - Harriet Tubman

I love dogs. They are truly man's best friend. But where I live in, I cannot pet a dog.

There are people that would complain of the noise of barking and all that's stuff.  And I cannot stand a barking dog either.  It irritates me when they are asking for attention and food. And I also hate it when I see people walking their dogs dressed as humans. Come on.

I don't like cats either. I want to have cat if they were tigers or lions or leopards. But domestic cat, no.

So I went on to see what I wanna pet, then there and behold... I wanna pet a snake, and this article I wanna share why I want a snake as a pet...

  • It Doesn't Make A Noise. Snakes don't make noises of any kind. Yeah, they hiss but not to disturb other people. Unlike dogs and cats they make these weird noises that would annoy you. Unlike snakes, they don't make noises at all.
  • It Doesn't Need To Be Fed Everyday. My snake Bogart, just needs to be fed at least twice a month. or at least a month. Snakes are not greedy of any food. Just give it what it needs and he will be satisfied. And then rest.
  • Its Stays As Cool AF. Snakes, especially ball pythons, are very cool. You just need to respect their nature. I have been bitten a couple of times but I understand their species. They are not venomous though. so I don't have a problem.

So if you want to pet an animal, choose what is your necessity. Consider your location, your living condition and the likes before you pet an animal. Consider your community before petting an animal. Don't be too selfish.


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