Do Not Expect

By Angel Apurillo

"I maintain that I never expect anything, therefore I'm always pleasantly surprised."
 - Lianne La Havas

I have already written How To Manage Expectations, but the thing is, I still want to delve on this subject deeper. I mean, we still need to understand the expectation part in our daily routine. Its not always aligned to what we want, right?!

This article will make you understand what will happen when you expect something and it was never given to you. This will make you learn how to accept it and learn that not everything is for you.


There is nothing to expect. I mean literally, there is nothing to expect.

Even if you give your 100% to get a job that you want or a position that you need, it still boils down to the question, are you good enough?

And then when you get this thing, will you be satisfied with it? Will you not rant that this is not the job for you and you are just being enslaved by it?

When you are expecting, you look on the future and when you get there and when your achievements are not recognized, you pout and rant about it?!

Be calm. And everything will be given to you. Fulfill everything that's needed and forget about the rest.

Again, don't expect. Its better to be surprised with good things rather than expecting bad things.


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