Ways Of Improving Our Mornings

Mornings are the most important time of our days. It literally makes what will be the outcome of the day will be. They say that "start the day right" and everything will be good ahead.

But with work needs, our time are sometimes reverse. Some of us, have normal lives and some of us work in the wee hours of the night. So, I'm not sure if nights are mornings too with some of us.

But with this article, I'm gonna share to you my practices every morning. This is hoping that I can influence you to do the same.

What do I do after waking up? Here you go...
  • Wake Up Earlier Than Usual. Doing so will allow your body clock to work. And you will not be so reliant to the snooze feature of your alarm clock - especially your phone.
  • Drink Water Before Coffee. Water has good benefits when we drink it after waking up. It makes the body awake. And to jump-start it, make and drink a cup of coffee to soothe the feeling. Cool isn't it?
  • Exercise or Meditate. I do push-ups and some calisthenic exercises to make my blood jolting. And if I'm lazy to do it, I meditate instead.
  • Read or Watch The News. You want to be informed so read some news or turn on the TV and know what's going on in the world. You don't want to be unprepared, right?
  • Plan Your Day. What you will do for the day is the most exciting part. You get to do some tasks and responsibilities and finish them within the day. And finishing it at the end of the day is an accomplishment for me.

This is how I do with my mornings. Whatever time it is, I do the same things everyday and feels good. Hopefully, it does the same to you.


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