Qualities Of A Good Wife

By Angel Apurillo

"Of all the home remedies, a good wife is best."
 - Kin Hubbard

Women are the best gift of God to us men. And of course we want to get married and raise a family. And to do that, we need women to help us make us reach those goals.

But before getting hitched, there are some things you want to consider. Since we are the only country in the world (at the time of writing) that doesn't have divorce as a law, marriage is treated as a lifetime commitment.

We really can't know women unless we spend time with them. And I mean lots of time. We will undergo heartaches, arguments and even break up with them in order to learn and tell to ourselves that she is the "ONE".

So for us to know that she is, here are some qualities t look for that make a good wife:

  • Loyal. She is faithful to you in anyway that you can think of. She doesn't flirt with other males even if she has a huge crush on him. You're her King.
  • Simple. She's a cowboy. She doesn't have any quirks about anything that you like. You can even fart while you're beside her and she don't care. With this she knows that we are still human and we can't stop anything just because she's thinking about other people.
  • Trustful. She let's you be with your friends. Even its a boys night out ad you se knows that you will be tempted to flirt with other girls, she let's you go with it. Because she trusts you with all her heart.
  • Bestfriend. Love will fade in time but that doesn't mean that you no longer love her. By being her as your best friend, you both enjoy being with each other like best friends do. She can be your go-to person in times of ups and downs of life.
  • Open-minded. Of course you don't share the same upbringings and your beliefs differ from each other. With open mindedness, you get to solve problems with confidence. Without it, your gonna be mess.
  • Travel Buddy. Travelling with your SO is a great experience. You learn different cultures and enjoy the scenery at the same time. You both learn how to survive in those travel times that shared together. It sucks that you want to have a vacation then she's a killjoy.
  • Outspoken. She's not afraid to speak up her mind. Even if it is bad or good, she's not afraid yank it to you. Of course men can't read minds and this trait is necessary for a lasting relationship.
  • Beautiful Even Without Makeup. So even you wake up, you adore her even she's drooling, snoring or just plain sleeping. This is their moment of weakness, but still you love them with all of it. The reason I put this trait last is that physical apearrance fades. Make sure you still love her even if your old.

Of course, no woman is perfect. But the good news is we can influence them to be that woman that we will love for the rest of our lives. Nobody is perfect but we can deal with the negative ones if both of you share the same qualities as listed above.


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