How To Improve Your English

By Angel Apurillo

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."
 - Frank Smith
I already shared to you that I'm a Filipino and English is our second tongue. BPOs (Business Processing Outsourcing) are investing their business here because we are fluent with the English language.

I worked in the BPO industry but before I started my career, I prepared myself in talking in English. Below are my tips on how I started. These will be most helpful in the career path you want to take.
  1. Read aloud. By doing this, you can hear yourself talk and check your mispronunciation. Sometimes I even record myself talking.
  2. Watch movies. I usually watch movies with subtitles so that I can hear how they pronounce the script. With this I know how they talk and use the language.
  3. Converse in English. Ask a friend to talk to you in English with about anything. In this practice, your thoughts are gathered and you can speak of it.
  4. Talk to a foreigner. I was very delighted whenever I have a chance to talk to somebody not from our country. With this, I can even more have friends and have fun at the same time learning new things.

With these practices, I was able to be confident in conversing in English. I was able to interpret and express myself more. I use it to have more audience.

But of course, I don't use English as a bar of intelligence. Its just a language. I still love to use my native tongue.


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