Streetsmart Money Making (Day 1)

I have been unemployed for several months. I resigned from my previous job as a Team Leader in one of the Business Processing Outsource company in the Philippines due to my clinical depression. Right! I asked the same question... Why did I resign with the position I am already had? 

Well, because of my condition, I am almost unable to perform my duties and responsibilities to my subordinates and managers. So to make the long story short, I decided to resign rather be terminated because of my condition.

For months, I have been scouring the internet to make money out of it. I applied for an English Tutor for some companies but they require some other tools for me to do the job. Noise cancelling microphone or headset and a camera for PC. 

But since I'm still broke, I cannot purchase those items I need for tutoring. Besides, I cannot teach foreign students especially kids. I will have to double my stress and anxiety condition while teaching them.

I also went on to make money by being a remote Quality Assurance. But the pay is too small to review a thousand calls.

One day, I joined a boot camp on how to earn money online. I was inspired by how they earn money while just doing work for just an hour or two. But of course, there is a catch. You have to pay them this amount of money for them to teach you how to make money online.

Since I don't have that amount of money, I did not join.

Then my social media feeds starting to give similar online money making schemes. I joined every one of them making sure that they are free. 

One thing is in common with all of them. They will let you download something for free. An eBook, cheat sheet or plans on how you will make money online. They will also let you watch a webinar or a video so that its more professional. Free at first, but of course they will not reveal the next steps. That's marketing strategy.

You still need to enroll and avail their services in order for you to learn more. And when you enroll to their master class, it doesn't guarantee that you will be earning and be rich as soon as you wanted.

But I still listened to them and jotted as many free information I can have to be like them.

Again, I am also a beginner and have little money to startup an online business. So the question is why am I writing this?

I have a goal to be a millionaire or more when I reach the age of 45. I am 41 years old so I have some odd 4 years or less to make my goal to be reached.

How am I going to reach my goal? To do online business. I will learn and apply things that I have learned in the past so that I can come up with a business that would be profitable in the next months or so.

This is my first step. My pumped up article and the start of my journey on how to earn money online from scratch. Join me as I venture towards financial freedom.


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